Build it and they will come

Here are a few sites I've designed entirely by hand with the upmost attention to detail.
I'm a fan of CSS3 and floating elements.
Most sites are simple, some a bit more intricate than others.

Is it snowing in Reno?

Brrr... Is it snowing in Reno?


Who's not hungry for bacon?

The Nook Cafe - Reno, NV

A small and beautifully hand crafted website for a small cafe.

Now closed. :(

Dining Around Reno

While we're on the topic of fine dining.

Map of Reno

Some fun photoshop work, updating an old map.

Reno's River Walk

A small project I was contracted to do.

Tali-Banned Cigar Aficionado Club

A small cigar club I put up a web presence for. Not maintained.

The Cocktail Creamery

An idea I had one day. I can make a kickass frozen cocktail.


Site nolonger maintained.


Out of business.

The Present Is Today

Out of business.